Street food, bustling marketplaces and loud restaurants crowd the port area. The port is the centre of downtown Cozumel. Most people visiting come from the many cruise liners littering the bay. The ambience is festive and the excitement is contagious and electric.

Cozumel is a melting pot of Spanish and Mexican cuisine and culture.

At the market stores, haggling is commonplace. The port side market is mainly tourist souvenir items and oversized sombreros. If you walk a little further and into the air-conditioned shopping mall across the street you will find local produce, and Mexican made designer clothing.  But we did not come here for the shopping. We came for an experience. To soak up the sun, eat, drink, snorkel and relax.

About a 5-minute cab drive from the port in downtown Cozumel you will find the Hotel B. The key to experiencing local culture is to know a local. I happened to hear about the Hotel B from a friend living in Cozumel. This is beyond important when travelling- no one truly wants to hang around with the other tourists getting ripped off, hot and sweaty and fighting for the last table in McDonald. In order immerse yourself in a culture you need to get as far away from the tourists as you can. A word from the wise.

Hotel B is chic, retro and brimming with local designs and accents. As soon as you walk through the door you are bombarded with Mexican art. There is even a little showroom in the reception area called Bohemian Showcase. It is bright and fresh. Yet there is no mistaking that you have arrived. The staff are friendly and very informative. We received a welcome drink on arrival and, after explaining we were just there for the day, were ushered outside to the pool area. They welcome day visitors with open arms asking only that you purchase drinks and food from their stunning little restaurant, Costeñito Bistro

We were shown to our cabana for the day and made ourselves at home. The facilities at Hotel B are endless, with so many activities for the whole family. They are children AND pet-friendly (Incase you are planning to treat your Labrador to a Mexican Island vacation)

After a legit, Mexican made, Margarita and a swim in the beautiful rim flow pool, we were ready for action. Snorkles in hand, we hit the water. The hotel is right next to a beautiful coral reef so there wasn’t actually any beach. You shimmy as elegantly as you can down a ladder straight into the deep water. The water was so incredibly clear and we were treated to some beautiful sights. I have snorkelled all over the world but that was by far one of the best experiences I have had.

Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico

We spent the rest of our day in and out of the pool, sipping on cocktails and enjoying freshly made Mexican cuisine. We topped off the experience with a soak in the hot situated on a little rocky outcrop right in the ocean. It was very hard to leave at the end of the day to head back to our cruise ship. We will definitely be back. Hotel B boasts a number of activities including snorkelling, bikes, board games, yoga classes, arts and craft workshops, live music in the evenings as well as outdoor movie nights.

To book Hotel B

T. +52 987 872 0300 F. +52 987 869 8518 E.


Classic Margarita:

The easiest way to make a classic Margarita is to remember the 3-2-1 ratio.

3 shots of Tequila

2 shots Triple Sec

1 shot Lime

Salt to taste

Sugar syrup if you want to take the edge off. (I prefer mine without)

Handful of ice. Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake it like a polaroid picture.