Stellenbosch Hills Bacon, Bilton, Wine Tasting

Stellenbosch Hills set tongues a-wagging in 2005 when it paired wines with that quintessential South African snack, biltong and droëwors.
Now, it takes that lead to a whole new and irresistible flavour level with the undisputed champion of foods: bacon, beautiful bacon.
Yes. Of course, it’s unfair. We’re all rendered completely powerless in the hypnotic tractor beam of deliciousness that emanates from a slow-fried slice of crispy smoked pork meat. The same might be said of Stellenbosch Hills’ delectable selection of quality wines. Putting them together as a food and wine pairing is a match made in heaven.
Now, the new experience will only be available for December and January, so don’t drag your feet. For this limited time only, Stellenbosch Hills has expanded its regular Biltong & Wine Taste Extravaganza to incorporate bacon too. That means a single ticket of only R65 per person gets you not only the traditional six awesome portions, but a magnificent seventh too!
The new addition to the food and wine spread offers Bacon “biltong” barbeque spiced and paired with Stellenbosch Hills Chenin Blanc, a succulent wine resplendent with aromas of tropical fruit and a fresh, fruity palate reminiscent of pineapple, apricot, melon and granadilla. It is the perfect combo of smoky spice and fresh, fruity decadence.
Then there’s the no-less-impressive line-up that has had those in the know lining up since forever:
Springbok Biltong & Stellenbosch Hills 1707 Reserve White: a perfect balance between lean, dry gaminess and the wine’s sumptuous citrus and buttered toast flavours;
What are we tasting?
Moist Beef Biltong & Stellenbosch Hills Polkadraai Pinotage/Merlot: succulent complexity matched with sweeter notes of the premier red blend;
Ostrich Droëwors & Stellenbosch Hills Merlot: milder game meat perfectly complemented by the plummy, ripe fruit flavours of a well-rounded companion;
Smoked Beef Biltong & Stellenbosch Hills Shiraz: A unique oak-smoked and cured biltong, gently spiced connect seamlessly with smoky flavours of a wine that exhibits a hint of dark chocolate;
Kudu Droëwors & Stellenbosch Hills Cabernet Sauvignon: Subtle yet rich game flavours perfect match for silky tannin and notes of ripe black fruit; and,
Traditional Beef Droëwors & Stellenbosch Hills 1707 Reserve Red: Exotic zest of roasted coriander offsets the wine’s clean spice and ripe tannin.
Essential to book!
Bookings are strongly advised – especially for the short-run bacon addition. A tasting session runs for some 45 minutes – a steal at R65 per person.
Book immediately by sending an email to or call 021 881 3828.
For more information about Stellenbosch Hills and its wines, visit