Lindt LINDOR Mint with flowers

I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but when I become obsessed, it is a problem. I have always been a sucker for mint. It literally revolutionised the way I saw chocolate. It’s all the taste and all the freshness. Lindt LINDOR has once again sucked me in with their new mint range.

Lindt LINDOR Mint with StrawberriesMelt into a Moment of Bliss with new LINDOR Milk Mint.

The LINDT Master Chocolatiers have expanded the LINDOR range to introduce a true South African flavour that we all know and love the new limited edition LINDOR Milk Mint.

Featuring an irresistibly smooth melting milk chocolate and mint centre, housed inside a shell crafted from the finest LINDT milk chocolate, LINDOR Milk Mint is both refreshing and utterly indulgent, making it the ultimate treat for any occasion that’s sure to become your new favourite.