Salsify (Sal-suh-fee): A root vegetable with an oyster-like flavour, popular in old French and modern British cuisine

Salsify at The Roundhouse - General Manager Markus Fiedler, Ryan Cole and Luke Dale Roberts

Salsify at The Roundhouse opened its doors on 16 October with an à la carte menu that in time, says Chef Ryan Cole, this might develop into a tasting menu based on the successes of the à la carte offerings.

This exciting launch comes barely two months after The Test Kitchen was crowned Best in Africa and also named 50th at the World’s Best Restaurants awards in Barcelona. Ryan has worked alongside Luke at The Test Kitchen as Head Chef for the past three years and when the opportunity for a new eatery at the historic The Roundhouse arose, there was no question as to who would be heading things up.


In reference to the restaurant’s name, a focus on ‘root to leaf’ dining is one of the elements of dishes that are being developed for the menu, there will also be a strong focus on fish, “my father was a career fisherman and my brother is one too, it’s in my DNA”, says Ryan, and a waste-not-want-not nose-to-tail approach will feature too. “Cape Town has such amazing produce and we’ll definitely be making the most of what our suppliers can source – I’m especially excited about the micro-seasons we experience in the Cape and the produce that’s only available for a few weeks at a time, I can’t wait to start sharing our discoveries with our guests”, he says.


Ethically caught linefish, peas, beans and mussels.


Aged beef prime rib, porcini pudding, onion gravy and a bone marrow biscuit.

Like its namesake vegetable, the new fine dining eatery at the historic The Roundhouse in Camps Bay is a space that promises to be full of surprises. Salsify at The Roundhouse will occupy the upper level of this historically significant building – and will be dressed by Luke’s wife and design partner Sandalene in a way that both honours and challenges its historic past. On entering Salsify at The Roundhouse, guests will immediately be drawn in by avant-garde graffiti produced by international street artist and ‘instigator’ Louis de Villiers, AKA Skull Boy, a South African artist now based in New York.

Salsify-at-The-Roundhouse-interior-HR-1-photo-Justin-Patrick.jpg alsify-at-The-Roundhouse-Salsify-HR-3-photo-Justin-Patrick.jpg

The restaurant’s main dining areas are situated in the inner and outer rings of The Roundhouse. There are huge, faded vintage Persian rugs set on the original faded oak floors, beautiful antique pieces are upholstered in jewel-coloured velvets and bring an undeniable sense of luxe to the interior, while modern upholstered chairs in a mix of patterned velvets and fabrics emphasise the marriage of old world and new.


Salsify at The Roundhouse will be open from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Please note that reservations are online only via Salsify at The Roundhouse’s website:

Photos by Justin Patrick.