While expansion and extensive renovation to the restaurant are still underway, here is a ‘teaser’ of how the interior redesign of Taj Cape Town’s signature Indian fine dining restaurant, Bombay Brasserie is bound to delight and astound its patrons.

The moment guests step into the new Bombay Brasserie, which will be doubled in size, they will be dazzled by a kaleidoscope of rich blues and greens. Blue, in Indian culture, is associated with immortality, bravery, and determination; green symbolizes a new beginning as well as the harvest and happiness – and as the key colours of the new Bombay Brasserie, they also represent the vision for the newly expanded restaurant.

Fine Dining

Bombay Brasserie will draw upon ancient Indian artistry and fuse it with modern elegance. The green and blue peacock inspired palette will complement the decorative arched wall panelling and the chair designs. Different fabric textures, an assemblage of coloured serving dishes, beautifully patterned lampshades, crisp tablecloths and elegantly placed table settings, as well as detailed flooring in both wood and ornate tiles, will all be incorporated and balance beautifully for the restaurant’s new look.

With the addition of antique walnut woods and touches of brass and gold accents, the new restaurant will reflect the colour and dynamism for which India is renowned. The dining experience will also be enhanced by the show kitchen which will involve and engage diners while piquing their curiosity too.

Indian Styled Courtyard

Leading to the newly expanded section of Bombay Brasserie, visitors will walk through an Indian styled courtyard, influenced by a traditional spice market, that features an array of traditional cooking utensils, baskets, hanging pendants as well as an ornate spice wall filled with sweet aromatic herbs and spices, all of which reflect a slice of India’s colour and culture.

Relaxed Style Section

The new casual section, once the home of Twankey Bar, will carry the theme of the main fine dining restaurant with the same elegance of blues, woods, gold and brass, but still retains the original pillars and high-pressed ceilings of the original building. The lush setting yet casual ambience will be complemented by an easy-going bar-style service that is perfect for the whole family

This relaxed section will also include a pre-dinner bar area as well as a mezzanine dining section with a decorated wall dedicated to bells, which are an important symbol in the many different cultures of India. Lit lamps will be placed on alternating steps leading up to the upstairs area to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. This area will be available exclusively for private groups and functions.

Bombay Brasserie will transport patrons to the heart of India without leaving Cape Town’s inner city, offering exceptional fine dining fused with traditional authentic Indian design.

Bombay Brasserie will reopen at the end of August 2019.