It is official, the FTW Food Studio is now open for business. We couldn’t be more excited! Here is an introduction to who we are and what we do.

FTW (Food Travel Wine) was born out of a passion for all things food, travel and wine. There is a niche in the market for a brand solution that caters to all elements of these principles. The building block to the success of this brand is interactions. People are looking to enrich their lives with physical, genuine and memorable experiences.
The purpose of FTW is to break through the clutter to create a subjective concept based around food, travel and wine. There are so many restaurants, destinations, wines, taste sensations, recipes, adventures that cater to our senses it is so easy to become overwhelmed. It is time to redefine the experience.
Given the impact of the recent COVID pandemic, the way people socialize and entertain is going to see some major trend shifts. At the FTW Food Studio, we want to try and create small, intimate events around food and wine in order to showcase and build brands, whilst still offering guests the exclusivity and intimacy of private experiences.
One of our primary objectives is to partner with chefs and wine farms in order to create consistent content, interactions and experiences in order to grow sales, build customer relationships and increase brand awareness. We are also exploring the opportunity of an online portal, to help our partners grow sales.
Our first event, to celebrate spring, was a plant-based tasting menu by the very talented chef, Genya Gluckman whose business you may know as By Beulah. We sourced the perfect wine partner, Lomond, whose vegan certified wines were the ultimate match to the menu created by Genya.  Guest sipped and savoured their way through 6 courses and 7 wines.
We have a number of events coming up so watch this space!