• Hellenic Republic Melbourne

Hellenic Republic Melbourne

As a George Calombaris fan and a freak for the Greek, it was sublime to slip out of the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD and into the burbs for lunch at Hellenic Republic. A short tram down Lygon street leads you straight to the front door. The decor takes you straight to the [...]

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  • Bali


WHERE: ALL OVER BALI EATING: SATAY AYAM DRINKING: BINTANG RADLER COMPANIONS: MY FRIEND NICOLE Ok so our first mistake was it was the rainy season, but who cares! We had a ball. The best part about Bali is that everything is (relatively) close so you can get around the Island fairly easily in a short space of time. I [...]

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  • Durban

What to see and do in Durban.

WHERE: DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA EATING: SEV AND NUTS ON THE BEACHFRONT DRINKING: BEER COMPANION: MY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER, KEZ I have recently had the opportunity to go to Durban for work. Well, I made sure I had work to do in Durban. Because #durban. Coming from Cape Town, I tend to be pretty judgy when it [...]

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  • Ankor Wat

A quick guide to the Angkor temples

WHERE: SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA EATING: DEEP FRIED BUGS DRINKING: ANGKOR BEER COMPANION: MY SISTER IN LAW When I was younger I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time travelling with my parents. We would often cruise the Mediterranean and as a result, I got to experience a fair amount of Europe. I had, however, never visited [...]

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  • Melbourne

How to get the most out of a week in Melbourne

WHERE: MELBOURNE CENTRAL, AUSTRALIA EATING: SPANISH TAPAS MOSTLY DRINKING: ALBARIÑO * COMPANIONS: SOLO MISSIONS Melbourne. It is the perfect city. When people ask me about it, I think of it as the love child of Cape Town and London. It has the fast pace city life, great transport systems and top designer stores of London and the charm, creativity and passion of Cape [...]

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  • Cozumel Mexico

The best place to stay in Cozumel, Mexico

WHERE: COZUMEL, MEXICO EATING: GUACOMOLE AND NACHOS DRINKING: MARGARITAS COMPANION: MY BESTIE Street food, bustling marketplaces and loud restaurants crowd the port area. The port is the centre of downtown Cozumel. Most people visiting come from the many cruise liners littering the bay. The ambience is festive and the excitement is contagious and electric. Cozumel is a melting pot [...]

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